Question: which component benefits more from a PP


I am considering a Powerplant, but I am wondering how much of an impact it would have in my system.
I read Paul explaining that Class A components benefit less from clean power, so I guess a Class A power amp would not benefit that much.
But is clean power having more impact on amplification or on sources (DAC, streamers,…).
Have people tried to see which of their components gets the most benefit from the PP?


It really depends on the quality of your local power supply, the power supplies in your audio equipment and how much power they need. So there is no generalising.


I have a newbie question then: are there tools to check the quality of power one gets?

My power amp (Pass 30.8) uses around 380W, the pre around 30. No idea about the eXasound DAC (but this will be upgraded, most likely with a DS or Dave, but waiting for TSS to decide).

Note: I live in Tokyo, does anyone know if power quality there is any good?

I think if you are hearing different equipment performance during the day or days, then, perhaps, PP can make it more consistent.

I never considered that, but thinking back, there are times I am happier with my system than others. I paying more.attention about time of day, or day of week this might happen.

Everyone suffers from time of day performance because our power lines change from hour to hour. Couple that with the realization that power plays a critical role in sound quality and it won’t take you long to understand why you need a regenerator in the system. They are fundamental to attaining a proper foundation for high performance audio.

Steven’s correct that some gear are more sensitive than others but in my experience all gear needs clean, regulated AC. I have yet to find a piece of kit that does not immediately get better when plugged into a Power Plant.

Our devices provide a front panel analyzer for power that include a THD analyzer, voltage measurement system, an oscilloscope. You can see what your incoming power looks like and what the Power Plant does to correct it.

If you’re interested we have a pretty easy way to take one home for a month and see. Just give us a shout.

Thanks Paul. I am afraid that the trial offer is only valid in US, and I do not think the Japanese distributor offers this.

Ahhh, yes, that is likely true. Kanjitsu’s done it in the past so you might reach out to Hori-San and see, but I did not realize you’re in Japan.