P20 and P12 Thank You PS Audio

If you’re on the fence about the benefits of clean power or more specifically the effects of a P20 or P12 in your system I can help. I am an audiophile, no affiliation to PS Audio, and have enjoyed learning the effects of power on audio performance. I am also new to this board and happy to share learned experiences.

After evaluation with some trial and error regarding power enhancement the results are clear PS Audio has an outstanding product one that should be considered a standard in every system. A standard as in you don’t have a system with out speakers or in this case power regeneration. And for those who have vintage equipment designed in the days of far less airborne noise this is an opportunity to clean up in a sense.

I purchased 1 P12 and 2 P20’s for my system. The P12 is on the front stage whereas the P20’s are dedicated to the amps. The effects are as predicted hence I will not bore you with the fancy language……just know they work and work well. For me they improve performance better then conditioners/filters, Isolation transformers and better long-term value/safety over battery-based supplies. Allow me to also point out that the P12 and P20’s demonstrated performance was with near perfect power supply; yes my power is typically less than 2% THD and a near perfect Sino-wave so you don’t need a poor power source to get the benefits.

Allowing for full disclosure I do have an Isolation transformer between the wall socket and the P12 and P20’s but it’s a special case and not one I would repeat in the USA. I live in Japan and the Isolation transformer is really my US 120V wall plug. 200V 30 amps input and 120V 35 amps output with 10 gauge/Furetech connectors. The isolation transformer is one of the best you can buy/custom and as good as it is cannot perform at the level of the P12 or P20’s and that is not a result of an impedance or current restrictions limitation.

Cost is always a consideration and if the budget is limited on this must have element in your system then start with a P12 on the Front Stage. It’s the minimum requirement with big improvements in isolation and clean power on the most sensitive components. If the budget is bigger than for sure the P20 with 20amp lines.

This is my first PS Audio product. Thank you Paul, Hori san, Kuno san, Kevin and the PS Audio team.


Thank you for helpful info. I have two questions if I may.

  1. Looking at the photo I assume you use two MC275 and why you feed the power to each of them from two p20 rather than one?
  2. I assume P20 has enough capacity to feed the front end after taking care of the main amplifiers. Why did you decide to use P12 for the front?

There are 4 vintage MC275s running. 2 in mono block mode to drive the 15" drivers, a 3rd in twin amp driving midrange, and 4th in twin amp driving tweeter.

If I use 1 P20 with 4 MC275s the load factor will be about 80 to 90%. I wanted plenty of headroom and more THD isolation hence 2 P20s with 2 MC275s connected to each P20.

As for the P12 I want the front stage separated from the amps. The amps are like big antennas where airborne signals can add to noise…TV, radio, solar, cellular, wifi,BT, Zigbi, ect…I noticed when plugging in the amps to a P12 in my early experiments the THD levels climbed hence 4 amps could add cumulative noise and my speakers are exposed to 3 driving amps.

I started with the P12 then added the P20s all within a month.

Thanks! I know Hori, he’s a great guy. Thanks for posting!