Questions about my new Noise Harvesters

Hi there!
I am awaiting the arrival of my 5 new Noise Harvesters, they should be here tomorrow.

I was wondering if you may she some light on my questions about where to place these.

I was planning to put 1 in the outlet with my computer/server rack, 1 in the outlet with my central heat-A/C unit, and one in the kitchen, on the fridge circuit.

Then I wanted to put 2 in my dedicated cinema room; 1 right in my Furman Elite 5 PFI unit (Sorry!!), on the amp section, and the other in a random wall port on the same circuit, in that room.

Three questions:

  1. Does that sound like the best positions for these 5?

  2. Since I don’t have a spare port on my Furman, I was going to use an AC splitter cable, to connect the NH in one of the amp ports, sharing with an SVS subwoofer. Would that be OK, i.e. would adding it via a splitter cable in any way diminish its effectiveness?

  3. (Similar to question 2) Does the NH have to be directly in the wall outlet, or can it be connected to a power bar, which is connected to the wall outmet?

Thanks SO much for your time!


Bumping for OP, hoping one of gurus will answer

Thx @kzk ! I just got an email response from PSA:

Thanks also to Mark Simpson @ PSAudio!

Hey Ken,

In my opinion, they should be on the circuit (or circuits) that your equipment are on. No need to put the Harvesters on circuits that don’t feed your audio/video equipment. And as for the positioning, that all sounds fine.

Cool. I was hoping that’s what the answer would be!