A Dectet & Noise Harvester Question

All of my components are plugged into a Dectet in the following configuration. An integrated amp into the HC zone, a streamer and CD player into zone 1 and my subwoofer plugged into zone 3.

I have a dedicated 20A line connected to a single 4 socket outlet behind my system, and that’s what the Dectet is plugged into, which leaves me with 3 unused wall outlets there.

I recently purchased 3 Noise Harvesters and was wondering if I would be better of plugging the 3 of them into the remaining 3 unused wall outlets that the Dectet is plugged into or should I plug 1 Harvester into each of the 3 zones on my Dectet?


I’d put them in the unused outlets of the Dectet.

Thanks Paul,

I really appreciate your input!