Quick Question about my Directstream DAC - Felt on bottom

I bought my Directstream DAC used. I have been looking at isolation feet and noticed there are felt circle pads on the bottom. These aren’t factory are they?

Yes, they are. Mine came that way, too.

Thanks for the confirmation. I was looking at some Herbie’s feet and they recommended putting their feet right next to the existing feet, but now there are all these felt pads there. haha

I’ve tried the Herbie’s Tenderfeet and found there was a small difference to the better. Thought ebony footers were more of an improvement and Mapleshade Triple Points are what I keep going back to. Realize they’re considerably more expensive and probably viewed as old school compared to what’s out there nowadays but they work for me.

The felt is there because some people stack their DS on top of their DMP or PST without the feet so you don’t scratch the top of the DMP or PST.


I read on here somewhere that i am supposed to remove the feet if i stack but when i was on the phone with PS Audio, they recommended not removing the feet… maybe it was a new guy?

Who makes the ebony feet?

You remove the feet of the upper unit so they sit flush. Of course the bottom unit you keep the feet on or use after market feet.

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I got them about 10 years ago or so and I thought through Amazon but couldn’t find them there but it was only a quick search a few minutes ago. You might want to search yourself. These are the two types I have. The ones on the second photo are available from Aliexpress and are $16.91 for a set of four. I found both types to work/sound the same.

4 Sets Ebony Wooden Speaker Spikes Stand Foot Amplifier Speaker Isolation Cone Stand Feet Base Pads 23mm|Speaker Accessories| - AliExpress