Quick repair question

Hey, all. I replaced a faulty surface mount capacitor in a Bose Wave radio with a bent-over thru-hole. Unfortunately based on where it was I was afraid of shorting other items on the board if it contacted them once reassembled. So I put shrink wrap tubing around the barrel of the new capacitor. Is that likely to be a problem?

Replaced the one at the arrow:

So. Bad idea?

EDIT: this capacitor seems to only serve the CD player and not the amplifier circuitry. Just to be clear. It’s pretty low voltage.

New cap is a Nichicon CAP ALUM 22UF 20% 16V RADIAL


Thanks for your thoughts.

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I had a first gen Bose Wave Radio (no CD, just basic radio) I got from my mother after she passed in 2004. After a few years, the screen started flickering to the point the screen was unuseable. I took it to the Bose outlet store and they gave me fifty percent credit toward a new one in exchange for the old unit. It was about 17 years old when it failed. Bose makes good products. The older stuff is probably even beter from a QC standpoint.