P20 and 20 Amp Audioquest Power Cable - Made a short circuit kind of

Hi all. Just received my new massive P20. Beautiful unit and very heavy. I want to make use of my dedicated 20A circuit for my P20. I bought the AQ 20 Amp Thunder, plugged it to the P20 and then to the dedicated 20A circuit in my house. Once I turn on the P20, it made a short on the battery compartment of the cable. not sure why. I heard that Paul recommend this cables for the power plants and amps. The P20 right now is connected with a different standard15A power cord to the dedicated circuit and it is working fine but at a limited VA. Any suggestions?
Thank you.

Congratulations on your new P20. It is a very good component. I suspect the AQ Thunder cable has a wiring / soldering fault issue. How long did you have it? Did you talk to the dealer about this?

I’d also check that your 20A outlet is wired correctly – that ground/neutral aren’t swapped.


Thank you. Well, my electrician tested with a tester to make sure is wired and grounded correctly and I just did the same with my tester and shows as correct.
I spoke with the dealer, they apologized and ask me to return the cable. Not sure if it is safe to try it again with a different more standard 20A power cable.

Given the 15 amp cable worked, I would point a finger to the 20 amp cable that caused the issue. However, if you have access to a loan 20 amp cable for the sake of testing, why not?

Yes… I think I will try with a standard 20amp cable. Not AQ Thunder or any other with a battery.
Is there anyone here with a P20 who noticed a small bulging/belly at the bottom of the case? looks like where the toroidal is located. See pictures. Thanks.

Have a P15 here. May be @jamesh can confirm?

That’s something we will occasionally see if the package was not handled correctly. Obviously it should be flush with the rest of the chassis. If you would like it fixed, our service team can give you some options. service@psaudio.com

Hi jamesh. I will will send them an email to see what they suggest.

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Yeah, that got dropped hard. Looks like the huge toroid transformer pushed the bottom support steel out.

Yes. I already email service. Let see what they suggest. The good thing is that apparently is not affecting the performance of the unit. The bad, doesn’t look great for such a beautiful unit.

I heard back from them and they confirmed that is pure cosmetic. It can be repair. One option is to send it back now for repairs under the 3 year warranty of the product or wait and send it later for repair. The only problem with this two options is 1.- I just received my new P20 a few days ago and now I have to send it for repairs and that can take weeks without the power plant and no system. 2.- It’s very heavy and difficult to pack it and move around from rack to boxes. Last option, 3.- Just to leave it as is. Not happy with how it looks but maybe just my only option. I don’t understand why the unit can’t be advance replaced? It’s a brand new unit. I think PS Audio should consider and advance replacement for the P20. I can still keep enjoying the P20 in my system. Suggestions?

Unless PS Audio told you otherwise, it should not take “weeks” to repair. Their turn around is quite quick.

As you are understandably unhappy, I would just send it back and get it addressed right away.

As for a replacement in advance I have seen this from other companies only if the customer will pay for the replacement unit. The customer is then credited for the initial unit when it is received back by the company.


I just got with Mark and it sounds like he’s taking care of you. Mark originally did offer to replace it but just like Elk mentioned, we would need to charge for the new one and then refund you once we received the unit you have now. Otherwise we have to wait until that P20 is on its way to us before we can release shipment of the new one.


Hi. Yes. I just received an email from him. I will speak with Mark to charge for the replacement and once I have the new unit, I will send the damage one back to them. I think this solution will work perfect for me and PS Audio.


Unfortunately still haven’t heard from Mark about charging for the new unit and then get the refund once he receives the damage P20. Not sure if that would still be an option.

Apologies for that. I just sent Mark a not and you should be hearing back from him soon.

Ok. Thank you so much for your help jamesh. Hope to hear from him soon.