Raidho TD-4.8

Has anyone heard the raidho TD 4.8 speakers eith the BHK preamp and BHK monoblock 300s?

Do these components do those speakers justice?

Guess not

Not many are running $150,000 speakers. There are a number of posts addressing Raidho speakers if you do a search.

There is nothing about the which would make them difficult for the BHKs to drive.

I was also hoping someone had heard them with PS Audio gear. They’re well out of my price range, but I’d love to hear impressions of them. Great looking towers. @yakaway, have you heard them?

I do not own them, but am considering the purchase.

They are stunning works of art and were the best cost no object speakers of 2018.
I think this year are the wilson Audio xvx or wamm’s, some chronisonic apeaker.

I did email raidho for their thoughts. Take a look below and feel free to comment.

Hi Adam,

Thank You very much for your interest in our TD3.8 or TD4.8 (Your mail just states TD8) speakers.

Answering your question, is actually quite easy since I know your amplifiers quite well.

Both the TD3.8 and the TD4.8 are 90dB sensitivity speakers, with an easy 4-6 ohm impedance. It doesn’t have any sharp phase shifts in its impedance, meaning it is a very easy load for any amplifier.

Even though the price tag on your amplifiers may not it, the BHK amps from PS Audio actually have all of the qualities that I regard highly. The natural organic reproduction, the smoothness in the highs, precise imagine and soundstage depth as well as immense deep end control.

Honestly, I really don’t see any downside in pairing them with any of our loudspeakers.

Of course the best solution is to audition the speakers in your own home, in combination with your system.

Should you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to write me back.

Venlig hilsen / Kind regards

Benno Baun Meldgaard

Chief designer

Thanks for sharing their response. Nice words about the BHK’s. Do you already own the amps?

I do own the bhk’s. Preamp and monoblocks

I didn’t think I’d see the day where I could own a pair of speakers that out Match their ability. I bought the ps audio gear about 2 years ago, with a few p20s. I run reference grade silver wiring from clearer audio, UK based.

Very nice! It’s good to hear that the manufacturer doesn’t think you’d need new gear to feed the speakers should you decide to pull the trigger.

Out of curiosity, what speakers would they be replacing? Please forgive all my questions, I’m relatively new to this “hobby” (or at least this level of it). I enjoy hearing opinions about equipment I’ve only seen in pictures. I also feel weird calling it a hobby when I’ve become pretty passionate about it.

If you dont do it professionally, I’d call it a hobby.

My speakers are polk audio lsim 707s.

This is literally other side of the moon upgrade.

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Let us know if you decide to take the plunge!

Going from 707s to Raidho TD-4.8 sounds like the first thing I would do if I won the lottery.


This has been years in the making, buying upstream components, surmising I would know the sound signature of my TOTL speakers, of course, when I actually went and found them.

Let’s see if I wa right :slight_smile:
While they are not chonosonics, they are still quite amazing