BHK 250 and Tannoy Speakers

I have Tannoy DC8Ti speakers and hope to get feedback from other Tannoy speaker owners if you are using them with a BHK 250. And if not a BHK 250, what amp are you using?

I have a BHK Signature Preamp, DirectStream DAC, and Stellar Phone Preamp. My preference would be the BHK 250, but I am open to suggestions.

You have nice speakers, congrats. I used to have the D500. While Tannoy definition series are ok with pure class A amplification, I recommend having a home trial of the M700 mono blocks, if possible. They will surprise you. I too have the BHK pre, Stellar phono pre, and DS DAC, and I have added M700 to drive my Dynaudio Contours. I am so pleased, I do not see me changing them in the foreseen future.

@Serhan. Thank you for the reply. I will give your suggestion serious consideration.

You’re welcome, and please post your impressions. M700s brand new take about 100 hours or so to sound their best.

Both the M700s and BHK250 would do very well with your Tannoys. The 250 would be a pretty big step up from the 700s though.

@jamesh Because of the difference in price points, I would expect a lot more than just a big step up :slight_smile:.

I’m currently using a NAD M22v2 power amp. It drives my Tannoy’s with ease and the SQ is quite good. I suspect the M700s would sound better with the BHK preamp and I’m convinced the BHK 250 would sound even better; somewhere between the two lies the M1200’s SQ. I’m also looking to move from a Furman power conditioner to a Power Regenerator and, from what I understand, that decision depends primarily on the power amp. That leaves me with two logical choices - the P12 (M700 or M1200?) or P15 (BHK 250).

I will say that I have been satisfied with every PS Audio product that I’ve purchased to date. I’m considering the cost of everything against the overall improvement in SQ, and since I can no longer audition PS Audio gear locally, I’m having a hard time making up my mind on which power amp to buy. Your home trial, and trade-in and customer loyalty discounts are great. I will certainly take advantage of them once I decide.

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You really can’t go wrong with either. The M22V2 really is a great amp, no doubt about that. P12 with either monos, or P15 with BHK 250 will not be a minor upgrade though.

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