Ram Disk Or SD Card? Anyone playing from this?

I have a friend playing from his quad core Mac Mini with the OS running on a flash card. He is claiming “kick in the Butt” SQ improvements and says the same or better is possible with Ram Disk.

Anyone out there doing this already?

Anyone out there want to build a player with Linux on flash drive playing from an ext drive and connect to PWD by I2s? If so, I want in on it.

Jriver Linux is in Beta now.

We can even build in a network card.

What Os is in the flash drive or RAM disk?

Sorry gorden dumb question …

Don’t worry, it is the same dumb question I had.

Google is your friend.

Lmao , ok I’m better . I googled the possible answers . I found Linux . And your answer??

here’s one.


Very cool, so the guy I followed up with the ds213+. And a intel drive is not crazy. I did be leave him .

This is really cool, but I do not know Mac. It’s like another language to me. As I do follow what he is doing and some of it sounds like Linux . I do wish someone was doing it on a PC . It would be easy then. Wow how cool.

Al D

Same can be done on PC.

The beauty of Linux it that it can just run as a player and without any fance consumer stuff in the background. [ like minum].

In fact Minum could be run the same way, I suppose.

The flash card or dedicated ram just runs super fast.

The ram drives I found are expensive and require power all the time with external battery. But I guess this is for os. What Mac is doing is not the same it is once it is up and running. Interesting. If I can find someone in audio forums doing this in PC , and gives steps I would try it…

Silly Billy


come on/////

Someone here must have tried this?

I suppose it follows the same logic of a good SSD in a NAS like SLEASK was describing,but I kinda like the Flash or ram idea and perhaps it negates some of the differences he experienced between brands?

That is one of them I found . I read it but I think it had some holes in it, but for audio it might improve things.

So with this I would have programmed installed on hd load a player or server, then music . As I have the max ram on my home office , not sure if it is 32 or 64 gig. Anyway am I understanding this correctly??

the way I understand it

1 ram drive

you run a program that captures a portion of the ram on your computer that you dedicate to playing.

2 sd card

if you add an sd card “board” to your computer you can clone your PS to it and then boot to it for dedicated music playing.

I know there is a computer wizz here among us that can explain it better than I.

The software is twenty bucks.

I hope so cause you are loosening me.

Sad card where and how , I am sure you do. Ot mean a card reader , but a ds card slot attached to a sata slot right.??

alrainbow said: Sad card where and how , I am sure you do. Ot mean a card reader , but a ds card slot attached to a sata slot right.??

in English pleeeeze

Sorry the spell check got me.

Where does the sd card get attached to CPU and how. I assume it is to sata slot with a sd adaptor.

The last part I was gone completely as to the cloning of the ps device.


think of part of your computer ram or an integrated SDcard [connected to motherboard by say a pci slot] they become and show on your computer as HARD Drives just like your internal or external storage drives do. Drive E,F,etc.

then you load your operating system Windows, Mac or Linux on the new drive.

Then you set your computer to boot to the new drive.

SO… it is the same as adding an extra drive to your computer but you are not actually adding a physical or SSD drive.

The difference is that ram and sd flash are faster to run your OS.


Yes I understand better now, but that is quite time consuming every time you want to play music. And the next question is the music and player all must be installed on the ghost ram drive then. Reboot . Ok but you need to select the boot drive from bios in a PC . So after you install all items needed to run this. You need to reboot go into bios select and reboot again. Am I better now lol .

you got it.

I suppose the best bang is to just run SSD drive[s].

The beauty of the Mac which has an ssd slot that is on the pci bus, and once it is set up you never have to mess with it.

My friend went from SSD to the SD set up and claims an improvement in SQ. He says the OS runs slower but the sound is better. His storage is on an external drive connected by firewire 800. At what point do we just grow up. NEVER! :smiley:

My 2009 Mac mini has served me well but my SD cards need to connect via USB so this won’t work on mine.

The newer Mac minis all have sd card slots that you can boot to if you load the OS.

I guess it is all about minimalism.

Just like life. :-h