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A new study shows that people stress over the price of a gallon of gas like they were stocks or gold bars. Most cars go pretty dang far on a gallon these days. (e-peeps, feel free to smirk now)

If you make your living driving, and have to pay for your gas, I completely get it. But for most of us (especially at most of our ages) the annual cost differential between $2/gal and $4/gal is what… the cost of a cable? Maybe? I’m not even sure, as I haven’t done the math, and it will differ for everyone, depending on cables and road time.

My buddy calord is probably going to chime in and point out that they haul their grandkids around all the time😝. I would trade the cost of the gas price differential for a grandkid🤷🏻‍♂️

Wait a minute - they just got an e-car. So - never mind!:cowboy_hat_face:

EDIT: JSYK, I didn’t start this thread. It was an un-funny post on my part in response to a post in the Humor thread, and the first half a sentence referred humorously to a funny meme.

There is in fact NO Study that shows any such thing.

So if this thread dies or is amazing - it ain’t my fault.

Though I have to say that the Concept of Random Observations doesn’t suck.

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I heard an NPR story yesterday indicating the average person burns 400 gal/year. A price increase of a dollar or two ($400 - $800/year) is significant for many.

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Sorry to do another non-laff post, but was just talking with the woman cutting my hair today (yeah - started doing that again) and we both felt that DST is a waste of time. At best. It was one thing (maybe) a half century+ ago, but now? What’s the point?

And don’t say, “It’s for the Farmers”, because it ain’t.

Understood. Referring to this here group. You prolly burn more than that in your three Ducatis.

I have a 2013 Volvo XC70 which I purchased new. It has 24,5xx miles on it. Last year my wife went outside to check the odometer for our yearly car insurance renewal. She told me that I drove just over 300 miles since the last renewal. That mileage was me simply keeping the battery charged and a trip to the dealer to perform the 60K tune-up solely due to age.

I suppose I should get out more or buy another cable.

Edit - I just realized I quoted the wrong thing. I know several people who are going to be hurt by these rising costs. They are already at their wits end trying to cover the costs of inflation and keep their customers happy. I don’t know how they are going to get through another blow to their business. First COVID and now this.

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I’d probably go willingly right about now.

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I suspect that once @aangen recovers from his Vegas trip this is going to be his favorite topic.

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Sorry, a victim of the move. I placed it back in the humor thread.

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Audiophile Farmers, please weigh in on DST.

Actually not kidding, since this is no longer a humor thing.:cowboy_hat_face:

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