RCA Interconnects used with DS Jr?

Can you guys share what brand/model single ended interconnects to output DS Jr ?
And what design… shielded or not, coaxial, twisted multi-wire. I am dealing with some hum now that I convert from balanced to single ended outputs.

Morrow Audio MA4 multi-wire.


No hum issues in my setup. I use both balanced and unbalanced interconnects with various components. He always has some type of sale going and offers used cables too.


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hello, Nordost Frey 2

I’m currently auditioning a pair of Belden ICONOCLAST gen II OFE interconnects. I’m not ready to make any proclamations, as they are still breaking-in. But they are showing some serious potential. Given that they offer a 30 day trial period, they’re definitely worth your consideration.

I’ve been running these (6ft) between several generations of equipment. I have always liked them from the day that I first bought and installed them.

Every now and then you can find some new old stock on e-bay.