Best Interconnects between DSD and BHK 250

I know this differs wildly depending on speakers, room, and personal preference, but was wondering what interconnects others are using between their PS Audio DAC’s and amps.
The weakest link in my system right now is my Supra EEF interconnect, so decided to move up to something more in line with my new PS audio gear. Right now I’m listening to a pair of Transparent Audio Ultra’s, and cannot believe how much the sound has improved. These are probably a little out of my price range at 3 Grand, I was also thinking of trying the WyWires Platinum which are on sale right now for 40% off.
Also because I’m using MG Audio speaker cables I’ll probably try their interconnect as well.
Thanks for any and all input.

I use Siltech cables. I use the G7 series of 330 and 550 cables. Superb build quality and I get nothing but music. Totally silent background.


I use Belden Iconoclast TPC Gen1. That’s the least expensive of three wire options. There is a new version coming out shortly. I also use their speaker cables. See Belden ICONOCLAST Interconnects and Speaker Cabling

I use Kimber Kable Hero XLR 1 Meter between my DAC and Power amp. Incredible soundstage and natural sound.

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Thank you everyone. Hoping I can find an IC close in sound to the Transparent Ultra, for less money. The Ultra’s sound so good, or I should say, they allow the full Glory of the PS audio gear to come through, that when I place my Supra’s back in, the system sounds broken. I’m actually quite stunned.

I think the Hero’s perform way beyond their weight class. Really excellent.

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Those are on my list to try as well.

It’s not as if I didn’t know cables make a difference, I’ve just never heard this dramatic of an improvement from a cable before. I’ve also never tried an interconnect this expensive in the past. But I know the improvement wouldn’t be there, at least not to this extent, unless the equipment it was connected to had the goods. The Transparent Ultra interconnect raised the level of my system to what I would have expected from adding the BHK tube preamp. Things are sounding rich, full-bodied and textured. I can’t even imagine now how much better things would sound by adding the PS audio signature preamp.

My experience is while cables can make a significant difference, upgrading a component is always a much bigger improvement.

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They are exceptional and are fairly inexpensive too. I use Kimber Kable to my speakers too. the combination allows for tremendous dimensionality.

i have to agree and there is no justification for cables that cost thousands of dollars. That money is better spend where it can actually do more good!


Yes, always.

Hmmmm, I learned at university that “always” and “never” are usually best answered as False.

Re-read my post, argumentative one. Note the first two words: “My experience . . .”


My reason for trying an expensive cable was to see if my weakest link was the $200 pair of interconnects I currently have in my system. Mission accomplished, I now realize the extent those cables were holding back the full potential of my newly-acquired PS audio gear.

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First of all I claimed all rights reserved to “sheesh” when I first joined this joint.
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Why do you continually seek conflict?

I have a long run between pre and power amps and I’ve been using Kimber Hero (XLR terminated) and have been quite satisfied with them. Hard to beat performance per $ spent.

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Belden Iconoclast Gen 2 balanced to my JC-1 amps. A big improvement over the Kimber Select I was using, at a not-quite-insane price.