Reclocking Sonos for DirectStream DAC


Hi there. After a lot of screwing around, I’ve come to the conclusion that most of my listening is going to be via Sonos, because I just prefer that interface, and sharing music with the other Sonos players in the house is important to me.

And so maximizing the sound quality of the Sonos output into the DSD in my main rig is really important to me. What are the best ways of doing that?

I’ve read a bit about how the DSD is doing its own reclocking. Does that mean that I shouldn’t bother with trying to reclock it before it gets to the DSD?

What about the W4S modified Sonos? Does the higher sample rate it provides matter?

On other boards I’ve read about the Empirical Audio Synchro-Mesh, which seems purpose-built for getting the best possible digital signal from a Sonos. Is all of that same intelligence already in the DSD?

Appreciate your thoughts.


Don’t overthink this. PS Audio and Ted Smith have done all the hard work. Just plug your player into the DAC and enjoy.


I have Sonos systems in our house in Canada and in Florida. The only way to use a Sonos with the DSD is to attach a Sonos Connect and stream audio to the DSD through a coax or optical connection. I would be concerned about the quality of the stream. Sonos for me is about convenience. Audio quality isn’t a Sonos benchmark.