Has anyone used the Sonos port with a PSA DAC

I was thinking that might be great way to improve sound with a low cost streamer . Plus you can control it from your phone. I’m still trying to supass my amazing Dragonfly Cobalt. I will most likely be getting the Stellar Gold when avail.

Hi Mark…Welcome to the PS forum!
Yes, I used a Sonos Connect to use home wifi and stream via the Sonos’ digital/coax output to my old DS Mk1. Given the Connect’s limitations, it worked just fine and, as you say, the Sonos UI is quite useful. I then changed to an Auralic Aries G1 for a streaming source. I also still use the Sonos to connect to home wifi and supply 2 wired ethernet ports to my stack.
The Sonos Connect’s digital output is limited to 44.1/16, though, so you cannot take advantage of any higher res source.
Again, Welcome!

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Thank you. I was interested in the Sonos port they say that is 24 bit