Recommendation for a high-quality speaker A/B switcher?

I run a Niles selector in the main part of my house, to allow my integrated amp to run and control the volume for four sets of speakers. Works great. But it’s a consumer unit, and can’t accept high-quality speaker cables or banana plugs, etc…

So, in a different, high-end system (down the road), I’d like the ability to switch between two sets of speakers to do A/B testing.

Don’t want both speakers running at the same time, but would love the ability to quickly switch from one to the other for comparisons. (Not sure how detrimental/tricky that is for speakers of different impedances/sensitivities, etc…)

Many I’ve seen have fairly low power limits. Would like something that could handle > 250W/channel.

The TEC TC-7220 above seems like a possible option. It also has ability to run a second amplifier, which I’m not sure I’d need. (Although couldn’t hurt.) Switches look like you can run two sets of speakers at once, but you can’t. It’s an either-or. Which is good.

It has a 200W limit. For the most part, I’m guessing that would be fine, but I envision someday using this with a Hegel H390, which is 2 x 250 W/8Ω.

In this dream scenario, I could see running a pair of Harbeth 40.2’s along side some Magnepan’s.

So, I’d want it to be a high-quality switch, to minimize any sound degradation.

Sounds very expensive, but dreams are free. :heart_eyes:

Anyway, any recommendations?

I recommend the luxman as-55.
Couldn’t find anywhere how much power it holds though.
I use it as an amp switcher, but it can work as a speaker switcher as well.

Cool, thanks. Looks like there’s also a Luxman AS-50R that has a remote.

And digging around I see that Van Alstine makes one (albeit a bit more involved/expensive)…

Thing is that one is not passive, so I guess it’s more likely it will color the sound

I think it is quite unlikely that you would have a problem with that TEC unit as you are not going to be pushing 250 watts through it constantly.