1 set of speakers 2 amp switch?

I have a tube Rouge Cronus Magnum integrated amp now and I’m thinking of adding a Schitt Vindar as a second system using 1 set of speakers. Is there a “switch box” that I could switch the speakers between the solid state and tube systems that wouldn’t degrade the sound?

Not that I am aware of.

I suspect the Luxman AS-55 does what you want at a high price. I don’t think it’s a current Luxman product.


LUXMAN AS-55 Speaker Selector Passive High Definition Audio 3 Line Switching 4958136035655 | eBay

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i’ve been intrigued by that Luxman unit, and it looks nice. Seems like it’s more for “one amp and multiple speakers” so I’d love to see the owner’s manual for it to make sure you can use it both ways. (I guess if you’re not loading more than one at a time (like those Niles units), it doesn’t need to do impedance matching.)

Audio by Van Alstine also makes a “Comparator” that’s even more expensive. (Or maybe they used to. Not seeing it as a current offering.)

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