Looking for some quality powered bookshelf speakers for my computer

I spend the vast majority of my time in front of my computer, so I would like a nice pair bookshelf speakers. I don’t want to hassle of having to purchase an amp and all that, so I prefer that they be powered.

I currently have a pretty nice pair already, the Swans M200 MKIII. They actually sound pretty damn good, but I guess I’m looking to upgrade. Let’s keep suggestions under $2k-ish.

Current candidates:
Swans M3A https://swanspeakers.com/product/m3a/
Elac Navis https://www.elac.com/product/navis-arb-61/?r=us
Klipsch The Sixes https://www.klipsch.com/products/the-sixes

Thanks for your help.

KEF LS50 you can’t go wrong. Great reviews are abundant. The Wireless version is active and you can do direct connection. Flexible to use.

I have two. For around $3k: Harbeth P3ESRs and a Sprout 100. However, Harby’s really thrive with free space rather than in a corner (desk/wall). So if you have a big desk, some space away from the wall, and get some small stands to lift them off the desk…hard to beat.

For $299: Just ordered a pair of IK Multimedia iLoud Mini two-way, biamped desk (or stand-mountable) speakers. Yeah - different ends of the spectrum. But I got tired of reading about all of the Famous Mix Engineers who use them as a secondary or tertiary Reference. They have a lot of flexibility with input, EQ, built-in tilting feet, etc.

I still haven’t heard them, as they’re back ordered, with a larger MTM version on the way for $350 each.

Sprout 100. S400

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I would be considering Focal’s studio monitor line. Not sure if they have one small enough for desktop application but I love their sound.

Of course, there’s the Wilson Tune Tot for a cozy $10,000.

POWERED people, powered.

Amp built in.

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KEF LS50 Wireless


That rear port doesn’t make them desktop friendly.

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There are no speakers that are desktop friendly. It is a nonsense.

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My reccy is for Edifier S2000 Pro’s.
Have a set in my 2nd system and they are fantastic, sound much bigger, beefier and throw out a massive clear soundstage much better than they have any right to at the price.

Good review here:
Edifier S2000 Pro review

@tensor9, you cannot go wrong with the ELAC NAVIS ARB 51.

NO NEED TO LOOK FURTER! You will not find a negative review, go to DARKO’s website:
DARKO ELAC Navis ARB-51 review

He claims they beat the KEF’s. Although active, 3 way, they also have analog cross overs, still allow you to adjust to your room, but absolutely preserve the sound that your DSD DAC feeds them.

I have, what I consider darn good Yamaha MSP5 active monitors, took them to the dealer where I bought my Stellar Gain Cell DAC, he had a pair of ELAC Navis ARB-51’s there, that I A/B listened comparing to my Yami’s.

The ELAC Navis ARB-51’s cost 4 to 5 times the Yamaha’s and you can clearly hear that.
If I had EUR 2 k to spend, those would be top candidates.

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I have a nice sounding set of Adam AX8. I’d sell the pair for $800 if you are interested.

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I have some SVS speakers on sale. Brand new in the box at a good discount over retail.

Kanto Yu

In price order.

Odd that you should post this… I am looking also.

A few questions first:

  1. Are you locating the speakers left/fight of your monitor on your desk? I am.
  2. How large is your monitor? Mine is a large ??" NEC professional graphics monitor
  3. Do you have a 2nd or 3rd monitor to the side(s) of the center monitor
  4. Are you driving from your sound card? Unbalanced RCA cable a must for me.

Placement issue for me: A largish desktop speaker will push my 2nd monitor a bit to the right… so I would like a small speaker. Some brands like the FOCAL units can lay on their side and maybe shoot under the monitor… all depends. I may have to accept that part of the speaker will be behind the edge of my two monitors… not ideal but the real situation.

Recommendation: Due to near-field placement, I am looking at powered studio monitors. They can image like crazy… almost like having headphones on. Musicians like ADAM, a German brand, but FOCAL, Genelec, and others are really good established brands and they make some pretty small stuff. Just check for the input cable type as some don’t provide for RCA jacks. Mark Linett uses $300 ILoud monitors at home… see video below at 1:30 where he praises them.

Let us know what you land on.

Bruce in Philly
T around of 5:00 he talks about tube gear and how it sounds.

Are you sure if the thread originator @tensor9 is still reading this?

Hands down, I’d go with the ELAC Navis. I heard them at RMAF last year and they were in my list of top 3 systems that impressed me the most. I was the only person in the room at the time, and got a proper demo without people chatting in the back. Go with the Navis, you won’t be disappointed.

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I am flowing the thread.

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