Recording your favorite vinyl to DSD 256

I have been recording my favorite vinyl using the RME ADI-2 PRO fs and vinyl studio pro to DSD 256 with great results. Every time I listen to new vinyl I record it so I can enjoy it without all the hassle.
Right now they are at an all time low price.

RME 2-Channel Ultra-Fidelity PCM/DSD 768 kHz AD/DA Converter (ADI2PROFSRBE)

It sounds great playing back via this DAC or my DirectStream MKII.


I have a Tascam DA-3000 and have recorded some of my LPs. Thanks for the reminder that I should get back in the habit of doing that.


A great piece of kit for the money.


I have the PS Audio piece that does that. I was enjoying just doing 24.96 PCM files. I’d grab the device mentioned above but even at 20% off that’s a bit much to try. Zero, what software do you use with it? I have a favorite I like to work with.

I done Vinyl rips with a Behringer. It’s cheap and Cheezy. But it works. But you can clearly hear a difference between the LP and the unaltered Audacity rip @ 192/24. Some impact is lost compared to the original LP playback. It still sounds great. I use them whenever I’m working room at Audio shows.

Lots of people tell me the Tascam DSD recorder at 2.8MHz does a much better job and the RME you referenced looks interesting.

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They make some great kit do RME :slight_smile:
The Pro referenced above is quite expensive, but with an ADC and two DACs in one box with a DSP and a nice display, what’s not to like :slight_smile:

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I’m using Vinyl Studio Pro.

My previous setup was using the Tascam. The RME sounds exactly like the original Vinyl. I was amazed when I compared the two.

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Excellent! That is my preferred software.

I’ve stayed away from buying an RME ADI-2 DAC FS because I honestly don’t think I could ever stop looking at that amazing display of metrics and controls.


Price dropped even more. Now it’s $1,604.37.

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Hi, what software did you use to record from the ADI 2 ADI Pro? Thanks