Remastered albums aren't always for the better


LOL! Me too!



Proof in point? I bought the audiobook of “Not Dead Yet”.



He’s got some weird wide-boy accent, half East End, but he’s from Ealing, off Gunnersbury Avenue. And he makes weird faces when singing. Sorry, not for me, but he sold more albums than Genesis ever did, to fund divorces.

This man is cool. I almost bought a print of this from Ross Halfin a year or two back.



Yeah. Phil is a perfectionist. He suffers in relationships because of that. A difficult but super talented artist.

It was amazing how Ertegan who formed Atlantic Records had a nose for superstar potential…Eric Clapton, LED Zep, Phil and many others! Amazing considering nobody else saw it. Nobody thought the drummer from Genesis would make a successful solo artist; most and foremost Peter Gabriel couldn’t believe It!



[quote=“stevensegal, post:23, topic:9122”]
He’s got some weird wide-boy accent, half East End, but he’s from Ealing, off Gunnersbury Avenue. And he makes weird faces when singing.[/quote]

Your point?

It’s because he’s putting forth effort to hit those high notes at volume.

If you want to complain about musicians making faces while performing, how about all of the ones who make weird faces when hitting high notes on a piano or guitar, like they’re straining or something. There’s no need for that. The instrument is the one making the high note sounds, not the person.



Nor me, still don’t see it.

Why do all rock stars look the same?



As Tony said in “Genesis: The Sum of Parts”.

“We all wanted Phil to be successful, just not THAT successful.”

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I’ve thrown away money on a ton of remasters (CD and high resolution downloads).

Excluding albums remastered by Analogue Productions, Audio Fidelity, XRCD and Mobile Fidelity, there are only two albums I think were an improvement over the original CD releases.

Bruce Cockburn: Stealing Fire
Thomas Dolby: The Flat Earth

Every other remaster CD has, to my ears, sounded brick-walled, full of glare, brittle and starved of excitement.

Just recently I was listening to Johnny Griffin’s “A Blowin’ Session” RVG Edition and it is unlistenable. Just noise.

Compare with the Analogue Productions CD remaster of Sonny Rollins’ Saxophone Colossus. Just look at that dynamic range.



Yay! Thomas Dolby.



Perhaps this is off topic, and my sample size is small, but the few SACDs I’ve bought recently ( and played in my Oppo 205) do not sound better than the original CDs. Most remasters I’ve heard are worse than the original as well.

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This drummer interview is cool. Humble guy. His brother has more to say than he does!

Especially enjoyable the drum cam at 32:30 with odd time signatures for Rock/pop



One of my brothers bought a remastered CD copy of Pink Floyd’s DSOTM. It came in a regular CD jewel case, but that came in a sturdy cardboard box with the typical DSOTM artwork on it along with a small multi-page booklet. It was not the Original Masters version.

At any rate, they removed that low frequency rumble that gets louder and louder in “Money”, and in “Us and Them”, they changed the word bout to about, which was wrong. There were a bunch of other bad edits and additions to that disc.



Come on. Nobody uses lossy files to make a vinyl album.



Like I said, it’s what I’ve read. I don’t know how true it is or not.



I bought the six disc remaster of “The Beatles” (White Album) and I appreciate the sound, and I appreciate that they did not compress the hell out of it. But I gotta tell you, it sounds like Paul McCartney was riding over the mixer with a shotgun. His bass lines are SO VERY prominent and SO VERY clean. I have to dig out my old vinyl to see if it sounded that way back then. I have been listening to the original album since the week it came out. I know it inside and out. So far my only comment is what I said above. Its a good thing a like Paul and his bass.

But yeah, I’ve been a sucker for remasters far too long. Bah!



I agree! While there are remastering companies where one can really trust their releases to be much superior, there also are many awful remasterings done from others. I remember a Nina Simone LP remastering from 3menwithbeards which inherits 1 second gaps between the tracks and applause of a live concert. Means it was done in a very bad way from a CD.