Remember this? Anyone using this option?


I must admit that I never tried it.

I suppose we lose the remote controller but this set up also seems to have less low end junk and PSU in the path.


funny thing i knew this as i sometimes have to use cross connect cables when programing fire alarm systems. i did try it but you need a dedicated cpu or two network cards in the cpu. i cannot say if it sounds better though i did not compare. its how i tried the bridge for the first time… never read any directions lol…


I wonder if this connection would be possible with the Sonore Orbiter? In which case you would still have the remote controller.





Gordon, I used to use this trick all the time, back in the day. It works fine. Only issue is that, as alrainbow points out, you'd need to have a way to let the Bridge see out to the rest of the network, which means a multihomed (two network cards) server. This is also easy to set up, but you'd essentially be using the server as a router, so I'm not sure that ultimately it would really improve anything. For that reason i doubt I'd bother unless I already happened to have two network cards in my server anyway, but if someone does, there's no reason not to give it a try.