Replacement for Bryston SP-3

Good day, audio folks.

I have a Bryston SP-3 that’s getting long in the tooth and I am considering replacing it. I use it for both music from a DSD Mk1 DAC and video sound from Xfinity. The SP-3 is perfect for me, though it doesn’t have 4K HDMI. (Later SP-3s did, but not mine and the module is no longer available.)

My number one priority is music, but I’m finding that most (all?) contemporary AV pre/pros digitize even analog inputs.

Q#1: Are you aware of a current AV pre/pro that has pure analog passthrough? (like the SP-3)
Q#2: Is the extra A-to-D/D-to-A conversion really a problem with modern pre/pros?

If the answer to Q#1 is “no, the SP-3 and others of its time are extinct”, and the answer to Q#2 is “no, that really isn’t a problem”, what brands would you consider? I’m looking at Anthem (new) or McIntosh (used or new).

Q#3: Any thoughts on abandoning the whole multi-channel/surround thing and go back to exclusively two channel?

Thanks and happy listening!
Chris V

I was a happy owner of a Marantz AV10 and, like you, I was looking for a more up-to-date machine and a great compromise for listening to two-channel music and multi-channel content.
Unless you want to buy products of esoteric cost (Trinnov, StormAudio, Lyngdorf), I don’t think there is currently anything better than an Anthem AVM-90 8K and a Marantz AV10.
On paper, the Anthem should be equipped with better DACs (ESS Saber 9038-Pro) but it does not have the possibility, like the Marantz, to upgrade the room correction to Dirac.

I believe McIntosh will release a new Pre/Pro based on the Marantz AV10 next spring. The current McIntosh MX-123 8K is a Marantz AV 8805A.

Good luck.