Review of Powerwall vs grid power



Interesting indeed. It makes sense that running the system off batteries was an improvement vs connected to the grid. I’m thinking about using a lithium battery system with an inverter to run my system. Nothing as ambitious as the Tesla Powerwall, but something powerful enough to handle my system. There’s a ton of lithium battery systems out there with pure sine wave inverters to choose from.
It would also serve as an emergency back up system for when the grid goes down.

One example.


For myself, in my country where so-called “load shedding” is implemented on a regular basis, I felt I did not have much of a choice. So though not power wall, my system is 24/7 on a 22.4Kwh Lithium / Victron inverter setup. No idea if it sounds better because of it, but I’m not paranoid any more … and anyways, all goes via a P20.

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