Ripping Rare albums via NPC to DSD



I’m looking for someone who has there NPC set up with an excellent Turntable setup to rip some classic albums to DSD. I’ve got a small but fine LP collection that is be glad to work out some agreement with to have them ripped. Good deal for us both as I have lots of Sheffield Labs Direct to Disc, Mobile Fidelities LPs, and lots of rare things. My email address is


Steven B-)


This would be great fun. I love these projects.

Unfortunately,my analog setup is very modest and would disappoint many here (MMF-5 TT, Goldring cartridge, Phonomena preamp).


@sgrowan Steven, John Elision will do it for you. His TT is SOTA Millinium with all options & upgrades. I have a needle drop disc he made for me and it is exceptional work.


I bet it is Some Kind of Wonderful.