Room acoustics

Is a large room have better acoustics benefits than smaller room ?

In short I think a large room gives you the opportunity to not have serious room resonances/nodes. I had a smallish room, approx 19’ by 12’ by 8’ and enjoyed some really impressive bass, however, it was resonance (I added all sorts of treatment and because I can EQ my active system I ended up with something that was good, however, it was impossible to get rid of the basic resonance because I’d have needed bass traps that would have looked excessively large).

I then built a 30’ by 20’ by 8’ room. I didn’t have any obvious resonances (although the nodes were measurable). Sods Law resulted in a null anywhere near where I wanted to sit. Massive bass traps and other treatment along with EQ got good clean results but that null is still there and the superb bass that my new speakers can produce is only experienced in places other than where I sit.

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Thanks very much indeed