Can one have too much bass/LF absorption in a room?

I have a carefully treated room but I am always trying to get that next % of improvement.

Yesterday I played a track with plenty of hounding bass and walked all around the room to find where the most energy accumulated. I found that I have quite a lot of energy in an area behind my Mid/Hi towers (IRS Beta speakers) which is to the center or the room from my LF towers.

I moved my 13" Tube Traps to that section and found a nice improvement on mid/low freq vocals and bass. So, I ordered some GIK 17" bass soffits with range limiters to place where I have provisionally used the Tube Traps (since I use the traps in front of the projection screen when listening to music).

Since I was ordering, I went ahead and ordered some 12x48 “244 bass traps 5.25"deep” to place on the walls on either side of the screen.

My room already has Seven Audio bass traps floor to ceiling in the front corners, and 2/3 the height on the rear corners, plus abfusers on the side walls, and a large cloud setup.

This brings me to the question on the subject line. Can we ever have too much bass/lf absorption?

The way I rationalize it is no since I want to control standing waves so I hear the bass produced by the speaker rather than the after effects.

Make sense?

Treat away until it measures AND sounds off?


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In my case I have lots of absorption at both bass and the higher frequencies but my system is digital throughout and digital EQ is critical to corresponding for changes in overall frequency response.

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SQ is such a personal thing that if you like it no matter how many absorbers you have then it’s good.

Take a look at some of the professional spaces and you will see all of the walls covered in some type of absorber or diffusor.

I think one of the tube trap pictures (in a cement block room) was covered all the way around with tube traps.

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I don’t know if it’s possible to have too much bass absorption. I have literally 3 tons of treatment—most of it is diaphragmatic absorption—the sound is incredible. The amount of texture and detail in the bass is like nothing I’ve ever heard before. The silence between the notes especially in the bass region is thunderous! It’s a paradigm shift once critical mass as been reached in LF absorption.

In most rooms/system I would say 1/3 of the music is obfuscated-masked by poor LF management.

Using 703 or Rockwool quickly the room/system starts to sound off and wrong.