Room nodes & sonic cancellations

as long as there are no room nodes or sonic cancellations in the listening position…

why is there a focus on eliminating all room nodes & cancellations?

When the idea is to listen to music as it is recorded/intended, who wouldn’t want a room without nodes? Are all of us running around and working like maniacs to avoid those? I don’t think so.

Striving for the ideal is not a bad thing and that starts with understanding what we’re talking about. How far you’re willing to go is up to you.

Besides, those who’d like to think about this will want to relate to like minded folk. That won’t be all forum members, just the ‘happy few’ on this particular subject. :slightly_smiling_face:

BTW, what’s your take on room acoustics and have you experienced what speaker placement and/or acoustical treatment can do?

[1st draft response:]

I will try to articulate my experience with considerations of BASS placement…

I’m sure most would agree that placement close to the side walls will increase bass energy…

But, wouldn’t a more ideal approach be Less based on reflections…

While energy is increased, so follows more bass presence at the cost of muting detail…

*moving the sub woofers away from the walls… *
what would happen when the Bass is also not interacting as greatly with the FLOOR??

but at Ear Level?

A more detailed rendering of the Bass?..blooming can mask the Distinct Sonics of the notes…stronger signal, form reflections doesn’t necessarily bring more clarity/quality?..

leading to potentially impaired sonics, from overwhelming the clarity/pureness/distinction of the overall music/…

More Can Be Less!

Or not…

ALSO, for my money, i really don’t care about any sonics of the room, outside where I am sitting

Keeping It Simple can better…

R :sunglasses:N

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Hi Ron,

Yes, if we all could keep things simple and easy, that would be nice. Acoustics in living rooms isn’t, unfortunately. The ideal Indeed is a room without too many reflections. Not only for excess bass energy, but also an excess of multiple higher frequency reflections that reach your ears with different time intervals.These are confusing your brain and will decrease the joy of listening. That’s independent of your system’s worth.

Indeed, all room surfaces and their properties matter. So is placement of the sound sources and looks. Your setup will be a balancing act, based on your understanding and personal choices.

Have you involved yourself in some background study in acoustical basics? For instance, there are some nice YT vids that do a nice job. As Uncle Paul says, there’s a lot more to admire in your current system, once you get acoustics and setup right.

If you make this a hobby, you can have a lot of fun. Maybe start with what you have? And there’s forum members to accompany you in your journey, if you will.

Just a query about terminology. Is it ‘room nodes’ or ‘room modes’? Maybe they’re the same thing? I found this Wikipedia article on the topic.

:sweat_smile: Modes appear at certain nodes!

In Dynaudio videos, their engineers call them modes. Also, from memory, Robert Harley spoke of bass modes in The Complete Guide to High-End Audio

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Gorgeous setup. Congratulations!

I used to have sealed enclosure speakers (I think they’re called acoustic suspension?) and sealed enclosure subs.

Eventually, I abandoned my purist approach and bought into bass reflex , which essentially uses a tuned port to reinforce bass! Luckily, that helped me move on from subs!

A tad more effort in placement (1.5m from front wall & 1.7m from side walls), I think I am getting bass that’s right for my taste!