Listening No Rear Wall

Probably already discussed somewhere on here but this is my situation. There is a small room in the house which will probably be my future listening room. Thing is, there is no rear wall should the speakers be placed at the front of the room (the front wall has a window and from what I have read speakers should always face away from a window. Is there a problem with not having a rear wall or is it actually preferred? I tried to attach a diagram but I keep getting the failure to upload message. Thanks!

To be clear, the missing rear wall is behind your listening position…?

If I understand well you won’t have a wall behind you during listening sessions. It may help reducing standing waves, having low frequencies a longest space to travel through. It depends on how long will be the distance from speakers to the first wall at the end of the open space behind your listening position.


Right, there would be no wall behind the listening position. It’s basically a 12x12 room with a 10 foot ceiling. One wall has a window so I am thinking the speakers should in front of that (unless I am wrong), which would put my listening position without a wall behind me. It opens up into a dining area.


Having no wall behind my listening position is working really good.
I do have a big window behind my speakers and one to the right but both are covered with cellular blinds while listening.


Generally speaking, I think this will be a benefit, unless the rest of your set up proves to be irretrievably bass shy.

No wall behind you means your listening position is unlikely to be in a bass peak and you won’t have to worry about HF reflections smearing your imaging from behind.


I have a 14’x45’ room. Basically, a family room (listening room) that opens up to a kitchen. It takes care of a lot of potential issues with bass nulls and standing waves. If you have space, I’d pull out the speakers from the front wall as far as you can. Treat the early reflection points, and your room will be golden. Having 10’ ceiling you may just need to treat the side walls.


My main system is in a long narrow space hat is bisected by an entryway path. The speakers face out from the wall into the open space. The speaker face is about 60" from the rear wall. The area dimensions are 12’6"w x 32"l x 10’6"h. I should add my listening position is near field. In this arrangement the speakers disappear and minor treeatments eliminate slap echo and flutter echo. Sounds pleasant enough.