Room Treatments

Nice! Happy cake day!

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Here’s the Etsy site:



FYI. I placed an order for 4 GIK acoustic panels on 10/24 with a preliminary shipping date of 12/3. Yesterday I got the global materials shortage email saying 4-5 week delay.

@paul172 Might as well double that estimate. and expect more of the same. My last purchase hit 3 months late. . They do have gall to keep sending customer questionnaires on how they can improve. If I don’t hear anything in another week. It is time for a refund request.

What’s the material behind the front facia? I seem to remember a Vicoustic video that discussed that layer being both absorption and reflective.

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The Vicoustic foam is of similar density to the Etsy sourced foam backing. There’s not much difference. The most obvious difference are the dimensions. Vicoustic is 23 1/4 inches square the Etsy panels are 19 5/8 inches square. The other difference is the back of the Etsy panels are beveled to a straight edge on all four sides.

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Wow! That sucks!

@paul172 If your GIK order included the below that NC machine was supposed to be up in a week 8 weeks ago.

Our production team is still working on your order. Right now, we only have one CNC router machine that is working, causing plated items, Gothams , soffits, PIBs, and a few of our other products to be pushed back. We are working to get the second machine fixed and our production manager says it should be up and running within the next week or so. We really do appreciate your patience around all of this, and we will get your order fulfilled and shipped as soon as we can.

My order is for four Alpha products that are more than like CNC wooden faces.

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And if you bug them about it you’ll receive shoddy products. Which is likely no matter what.


I watched this vid this weekend. I searched this thread and didn’t see a mention of it:


I’ve heard of these guys, but apart from having heard of them, not much else. :man_shrugging:

Here’s Darko’s post installation follow-up:


GIK emailed me asking for my thoughts on my recent purchase. I let them know how displeased I was with their service and the workmanship of the products they shipped to me. Awful company.

They have a long ways to go on fit, finish, and protective packaging. Plus order fulfillment timelines and being truthful about when shipping products. They offered to downgrade finish so I could get product I ordered. Then it was pulling teeth to get money refunded for the premium they couldn’t provide. Plus self repair what they shipped me.

I told them they needed incentive of not charging customers u full amount until they could actually ship them.

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After watching the Darko videos, I am going over to a local hifi shop that is a Vicoustic dealer to discuss their evaluation and instalation process.

I know Darko gets special treatment, but I did like the look of the finished product and the install itself.


On one of the other forums, someone made mention of it being a $10,000 (or Euro?) install.

The Vicoustic stuff is pretty pricey.

Did they send you a complementary discount coupon to apply to your next purchase. :laughing:

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