S300 vs M700 for ls3/5a speakers

I’m calling upon people’s experience here: has anyone upgraded from the S300 amp to the M700s with ls3/5a speakers?

I’ve been using the S300 recently and find that the highs are too forward. The result is rather brittle and dry from the upper midband upwards into the treble region, thus I’ve been using vintage Quad amps instead.

I’m attracted to bettering my sound with the ls3/5a…will the M700s be different in the highs? Thanks.

I went from the s300 to m700 with KEF LS50 and was very happy with the change. Just as you hope the sound is warmer and less fatiguing with no loss of detail. Good luck.

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Thanks…that’s good to hear. What preamp do you use with the M700s?

Benchmark HPA 4 now SGSD prior.