Schiit Mani's phono hum

Is the Schiit Mani an inherently buzzing phono preamp (with higher volume)?
Have you gotten your Schiit Mani to be silent? Change of power supply? Maybe my unit is too close to the amp’s dual 650VA toroids? Might dedicated well-shielded phono cables (instead of just quality RCAs) do the trick?
Do budget phonos just tend to buzz a bit?

Phonos can be very prone to interference.

I have a schiit mani and it is very silent running MM haven’t tried MC.

How loud is the buzzing?

First thing i would try is moving it away from other electronics. Also cable routing is a consideration.

With 100db efficient speakers I’d say my schiit mani is silent. My Bellari vp130 picks up a radio station in the same location and same wires so go figure

You have a VP130 too? Do you prefer the mani? I’ve got the Bellari and an NPC that I’m starting to wonder if it’s overkill for me and thinking of downsizing to a mani.

I’m stuck away from home due to current world events.

Short answer I cannot give a fair comparison of the two units.

In a different system I had a NPC and I say the NPC is a better unit all around.

That said. Once you get 50+ hours on the Mani it’s a good unit in that price range. It sounded terrible the first few records I played so I left it on for 2 weeks and tried again. Still terrible. So I hooked up my DSD to it with very minimal output and played it for a few nights. I then played a record and it was much smoother and open.

The Issue I have with the VP130mk2 is that I can listen to the radio quite well at the listening position. I don’t think I can give it a fair comparison. Right before I left to visit family I fixed the ground and it dropped the noise floor for the entire system significantly. I didn’t put the VP130 back in to see if it fixed the receiving of the radio station.

I’ve read that the stock tube in the VP130 isn’t very good and it’s a good idea to replace it. I do have a Mullard reissue to try when I get home.

Thanks. I put an Electro Harmonix tube in it a while back but then bought the NPC so I haven’t used the Bellari so I can’t really judge. I appreciate the feedback and time given to write it up.

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It’s an approximately 60Hz hum that’s clearly audible in the nearfield with the volume knob at over 13 o’clock or so (100W into 8ohms, nominal speaker power handling 80W)

Could it be that the huge dual transformers in my amp are causing this hum? The Mani is fairly close since it connects line-out via 6" PYST RCAs.
I’ll see how the hum is mitigated when I obtain 1m phono cables and 2ft RCAs to get the Mani farther away…

Yes, it could be too close to the transformers.

Also keep it away from power outlets.