Scientists achieve major breakthrough in preserving integrity of sound waves

Any bets on how soon this makes it into audiophile gear?

Or at least, allegedly, in some snake oil product description :wink:


I read the article and was absolutely none the wiser. I am not sure about the physics making it into products, but there were some weird and wonderful terms used which might well appear in product descriptions.


I read some of their earlier papers and it may come to some high end wave guides in the not too distant future. The materials are definitely unobtanium in the short term but the topologies may translate to stuff employed now.

Could be because I have only been awake a short time but that article could have been written in Latin and I would have got the same from it.


I was unaware you are Latin literate.

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All the really important Audiophiles are.


It would have been more stimulating if it had been. I was forced to study Latin until I was 18 since at the time it was required for Oxbridge entrance. I have resolutely tried to forget it since then. It would have been interesting to see how successful I had been.


The author sure did a good job of using language that would baffle a vast majority of the general population, of course the information wasn’t really intended for the vast majority of the population. While I sort of grasped some of what was said the real issue for me is they didn’t say (in meaningful language at least) what the problem is they are trying to solve. Something like, this ultrasound device is not as effective as it could be because xx interferes with yy leading to noisy images. Probably only a handful of people worldwide who would say “this is what I’ve been waiting for”. Of course aangen is one of those people, he just doesn’t know it yet! :smiley:


We did it for a year. All I can recall is something about “Caecillius Fillius coquous” (this is phonetic of course, I have no idea how it was spelt*) , which I seem to recall caused great hilarity in a class of 30 13 year olds…

  • google tells me the Brits say “spelt” and the Americans say “spelled” - they both sound wrong to me…
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I had three years of Latin in boarding school in M’Babane. I’ve managed to forget quite a lot, but what I can remember does come in handy every now and then.

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My daughter teaches Latin at the University of Arkansas. She’s working on translating an Ancient Greek poem for the University of Kansas on contract. She made Latin instructional videos in high school. You bring up Latin and I get to brag about one of my progeny.


He’s just early morning illiterate, like I am.

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I had three years of Latin in high school, and the only thing I remember for sure was the teacher pounding a student over the head with his Latin book because he was being a 1000% jerk, and the class cheering her on.

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I had a Divinities teacher who liked to throw chalk at students he thought were not paying attention. Once he hit a classmate right smack in the middle of the forehead, and the boy fell right out of his chair. Once he knocked an expensive rapidograph right out of my hand point first into a wall, ruining it. Ironically I was taking notes, not doodling or writing something else. . . .

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I had a maths teacher who was a dead aim with a board duster. That thing really did hurt, but because he was a good aim he never hit anyone’s head, Good thing too.
He was also an excellent maths teacher…
When we started calculus, he told us all to put our books away for a fortnight, and he explained it from first principles, with multiple examples, and filled me with an actual pleasure in doing calculus.
I have forgotten the nuts and bolts of actually doing it, but the principles remain, and have served me well in a surprising number of areas of life :slight_smile:


On a good day I can spell Latin. Does that count?


Good enough around here!

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I didn’t do too good at advanced math either. Once they started mixing up numbers and letters I was like a lost ball in tall grass.

Different minds excel in different areas, it’s why humans need to live in communities to survive I think, there were many things in school I was crap at.
It’s gone midnight though so I should not start trying to philosophise!

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