Seventeen Year Old Reaction To Hearing Money For Nothing

My eldest, 17.5, just heard Money for Nothing for the first time today through a record player, receiver and loudspeakers.
Admittedly, the setup he has is not that great. But, when the guitar riff started, his reaction was a gleeful and enthusiastic, and I quote, “Ha! Ha!, Yes!”
This from an Airpod/PC speakers, Spotify kid.
There is hope for the future of humanity.


Love that he responded to the riff! It’s some good stuff. What did he think of the “chicks for free” and “that little f***** is a millionaire” lyrics? Or, did he not catch that yet?



Not sure that he has caught them yet. But, I would think so.
He has listened to the song, at least, a few times through a streaming service before getting the record.
I think that it was a video game that first presented the song to him.

But, his mother and I try to raise both sons

  1. To have a sense of humor.
  2. That words matter. But so does the context.
  3. Time and a place.
  4. Be considerate.

I don’t shy away from using “curse” words with them when they are sparingly appropriate.

He’ll be fine :+1: :sunglasses:


Deeper down the rabbit hole he goes…

Excerpts from our recent WhatsApp chat:
Him: Hey I’m listening to another record of mine
Him: And it sounds worse than the dire straits now
Him: Like the audio quality isn’t as good

Me: DS BIA was well produced. you can google the story
Him: I will

Him: Holy s""t
Him: It was recorded with great equipment too.
Him: It’s amazing
Him: Only for the drums they used different mics for each part of the drum

It’s alive! My creation is alive!!!


Interesting and encouraging to hear. Thanks for sharing this adventure with us all. When my son was 20ish, music and in particular vinyl records were the only bonding agents that seemed to adhere us together. Good for you and your son!!!

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I think I owe my audiophile nature to my Dad. I grew up fascinated with his AR/Dynaco/EMI system. And I find myself searching for a similar modern sound.

It was Gershwin, Ellington and Brubeck that sucked me in. Brother in Arms doesn’t do much for me. . . the last person I got interested in audio was by playing some Jobim, “Verve Masters 13.” He was last known to have an NAD system.

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Sure. Sure.
But I do not live in the same household as my boys, so I cannot constantly browbeat my “Dad music” on them. :wink:
You know, kids today. They grow up in the smart-device, everyone does their own thing, age.
Interesting point. He wanted LPs, on his own. I am all digital. I would probably not have ever suggested analog to him. I have not discouraged him either.

Anyway, it is nice to watch his enthusiasm when the new synapses connect in his brain.

I have played him some Brubeck. He did not take to it, yet. Still, slowly planting the seeds.
Might need to play him The 1812 Overture. Who doesn’t love canons in their classical?

NAD was okay, yes? I remember the brand.

But would you still play, Jobim, “Verve Masters 13.”?

Thanks! Yes. I know it important to have common interests with the kids.

No, I would play the “Jobim” Verve album, or the Brazilian Philips cd version “Matita Pere.” It’s a fascinating recording on my system.

But this is a fellow in his forties. And like me a fan of Brazilian music and not a listener to rock. I don’t have sons or young persons who are or would be near my systems.

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When I got back into vinyl in ‘08 Brothers in Arms was a huge bang for the buck. A clean original copy was $5 and sounded better than most CDs.

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5.00! Wow.
In Israel, the price that he just paid for the album was 180.00 ILS which is about 50.00 USD.
From what I have seen, 180 ILS is the usual price for ‘standard’ pressings over here.
But hey, it’s the 180 grams version, so one shekel per gram, I guess.
Even with inflation, still cheaper than many other vices. :sunglasses:

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