You’ve been warned.

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:open_mouth: As bad as that is, it may not be the end of the world. Even if they are inflicted upon you it does not necessarily mean that you have to use them. You could give them to someone who has absolutely no sense of taste or concept of music and will suffer minimal damage should they accidently find themselves at the concert. :smiley:



You might get lucky…

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Oh, come now… Beeber is a remarkable artist. His talent is so incredible that he is able to continue singing and playing when he is knocked over and separated from the mike and his instrument! Absolutely incredible! Unbelievable even. :smiley:



My young sons dis Bieber (which, of course, I’m glad they do), but I remind them that he has a much larger selection of available girls, cars and luxury items than they do… :wink:


Money does not buy smarts.

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No shit Sherlock…



Good one =D>