Shedding Light

Add a little fiber to your Audio diet? or: A little light reading.


Anybody notice that the Paul’s Post teaser has been posting to the forum later and later. Soon it will be posting the following day. I figured that I would get the jump on it and post this link sooner following the actual page posts. If this gets sorted out then I will not have to create these (ultimately) duplicate threads.


I had not noticed the delay increasing. It is kind of you to jump in early.

The Bel Canto black system has a patented new fibre optic system…

Am I on the right track Paul?

I honestly think some companies work hard to come up with something different then main stream .

This idea although mostly not for the right purpose seems to be out of separating them selves from the pack.

There is a dac right now building on this very concept. The trinity dac uses a DAC chip witch is old school and limited comapnies who make it as it is being phased out. Additionally the product uses a cpu as well as the truditional one or two box solution . The point is to make a better product, but if you can make something in a fashion as being some what unique . This now is a win win and this might be pauls thinking as well.


@stereophilus Yes, they are using ST Glass. Not sure what this device even is but it looks cool.

I haven’t had a chance to check out the validity of the reply in the second post here,

but it raises an interesting question about this modality.

Update :wink:

Here’s a quickie primer on optical transmission.

It would appear that the problem raised above can be reduced or nullified by optical isolation. I would guess that this would take the form of interference coatings, similar to those on eyeglasses and camera lenses.