Shielded power cords?

Why is there a need to have power cables with shielding, seeing that even a speaker cable is pretty much indifferent to close EM fields, etc. And are often unshielded.Then why would mains cabling get benefit from expensive shielding?

@Arenith shield on power cable protects also surrounding equipment from it’s own radiation

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And the shielding does work yielding better power quality
to the equipment…

Now don’t forget to run pure silver conduits out to
the street mains transformer…and let us know how it works.


Amen ! For me standard 14AWG IEC Cords and a 30A Power Strip work fine.

Works fine. I think we deserve better than that.


What do you think about the idea of double-shielded cord for digital/low-power components?
I have a SignalCable Digital Reference for my DAC, it’s doing a great job compared to stock, but I have no reference to quality un-shielded cords.

I’ve understood that a power amp’s cord should have either no shielding or a properly far apart distanced shield so as to not constrict the EM field, as this obviously leads to loss. Right?
In this sense I see transformers not being shielded, why would they be since their purpose is to maintain a specific and geometrically tightly specific field. The power cable leading to the transformer to be twirled around, why should it need shielding?