power cord quality AFTER the P5 or 10

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A quick search did not return the info I was looking for. Maybe this topic has already been beaten to death. If so could you kindly point me to the thread/s?

If not and even if so I would certainly like to hear about your experience about how much difference a power cord makes coming FROM an AC reg to a pre, DAC, etc.

In other words, is it worth investing in expensive, esoteric cords once the power has been regenerated?

Thanks for any response.


In my experience, yes. For one thing, even after the power has been regenerated it can still pick up noise on its way to the equipment and the equipment can broadcast noise back over the power cord as well. The power cord acts as both a broadcasting and receiving antenna with respect to electronic noise, which is why shielding is so important. There are other factors as well but I’m not all that clear where the science stops and the voodoo begins so I’ll leave that to others. Years ago when I replaced almost all of my cords with PSA AC12’s every change made a noticeable difference.


Thanks for the reply and your experience. All I can say is “well crap”! I was hoping to save some dough on power cords, and even sell some I have. sad_gif

Thanks again.


Let me add my two cents worth of explanation. On the one hand, regenerated power helps reduce differences in cable types - as long as you have sufficient copper to reduce resistive loss, and shielding’s ok, then the differences between power cables are reduced with regenerated power. But they are not gone.

Though it sounds as if regenerated power is perfect, as it does when you boil water and distill it to purify contents, it is not. And connecting that power without loss and doing so quietly (shielding) is important.

So Bruce can get away with less expensive expensive power cords than he might have needed without the P5 or P10. 4_gif

As with all this stuff, if you can, give different power cords a listen and trust your ears.

Thanks Paul. In the past I have found that shielded power cords tended to compress dynamics. I will have to take another run at that.

Oh and Steve.

Yes many years ago I found the truth in YMMV, so I ALWAYS trust MY ears since I am the guy who is listening and living with what ever it is.

stevem2 said Years ago when I replaced almost all of my cords with PSA AC12's every change made a noticeable difference.
I agree, I have added powerbases under my components and P5 and have (as cheaply as I could but at great expense!) replaced all my cords with AC-12s and each change made a noticeable improvement.