Short the XLR input on DS DAC, Sr

I recently bought a few Cardas shorting straps. Can I use this to short Pin 2 and 3 on the XLR input of the DAC? Could it potentially cause a problem?

It won’t hurt the DAC. It may make the sound quality better or worse, try it both ways.


Ted, thanks for the fast response!

Listening to it now. I think it did make a bit improvement.

Ted, can you please confirm that Pins 2 and 3 should be shorted, and not Pins 1 and 3? Reading through various forums, it seems that most equipment calls for Pins 1 and 3.

The signal is between pins 2 and 3. Shorting only one of 2 and 3 to the ground pin (pin 1) won’t keep noise out of the system.

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Thanks, Ted. That was my thinking also, so I was confused why so many others said 1 and 3.