Should I be concerned about lack of volume range

I have an issue with the compatibility of connecting a preamp to my Classe CAM200 monoblocks.

When I had my Bryston preamp, if you envision the volume knob from 6 clockface, full volume was between 7 and 8 clockface, very small volume range.

The BHK preamp, full volume is between 25 and 30.

I hear Paul say in a video that for maximum bass the volume should be operating around 3/4 within it’s range.

Does anyone know anything about this?

Can you post a link to the video? Thanks!

I would set up the volume on BHK above 25, like aways! My comfort zone is north of 30 in my system.

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It’s his “Ask Paul” from Thursday:

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My BHK pre listening level is 25 to 35. 35 is really loud. Beyond 40, it’s uncomfortably loud. 50+, I think it will hurt my eardrum.

In order to bring up BHK pre volume to 25 to 35 range, I need to lower the DSD MK2 level down to 75.

In my whole audiophile life, about 50 years, the volume nob is always 9 to 10 o’clock position for all different amplifiers, speakers, sources, and rooms.
So, it’s normal for me.

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Thanks for all this input.

I need everyone to step back a few steps.

The BHK preamp XLR connects to my CAM200’s XLR. How do I go about ‘setting up’ to increase the range so I’m operating the preamp at a higher level?

If you do not have a DAC or other devices with volume control, then there is really no effective way to achieve that without affecting sound quality.

i don’t, i’m using a (pos) Mark Levinson 5101 SACD player.

What is causing this volume issue with my BHK preamp and before with my Bryston preamp. Is it the CAM200’s not being compatable with preamps?

I do not see this as a problem, at most form over substance.

Even if you somehow get the preamp to read in the range you want, any possible improvement is hypothetical at best.

If your system sounds good i suggest forgetting the numbers and enjoying it.

I just tried setting the line output of our DAC at .2V, .6V, 2V, and 6V setting the output of the Pre volume each time to 75db with a test tone. Then I played the same music track a few times with each setting. I really didn’t hear a difference.

Perhaps with different gear this makes a difference, but it doesn’t here.

I don’t know what point Paul was trying to make. He’s in a shop with a ton of gear, it would have been more helpful if he simply setup a test like I did and explain what he was hearing with each iteration. I think that was one of his least informative videos.

I have moved on.

What does the ML player output? I have a Chord TT2 who’s 5V output on XLR seems like it’s just too much for my Pass Labs integrated, but runs my M700s brilliantly. When using the Pass Labs i run the TT2 in AMP mode and turn the volume to around -10dB. Instead of pop music being payed around 25-30 on the Pass Labs volume dial it’s now around 40 (max is 63). The bass quality and quantity is much higher and so is the imaging. Dynamics are also delivered better.

Does your Levinson player have an adjustable output?