SimCity 4: The Music

I know this is a 2003 pc video game soundtrack and that it’s on YouTube (Compression). However I do love the jazz/classical themes (Basically when video begins) along with many other genres in play here mixed here. My favorite jazz/classical tunes along with SimCity 3000 Unlimited Soundtrack. The soundtrack can be pretty funny at areas to listen to but very entertaining also, or at least I think so.


I enjoyed “The Morning Commute”.


Awesome, I’m glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile: Cheers

Hi dwayner,
Good post! Although I haven’t yet listened to this soundtrack, I’m a big fan of soundtracks for the big and small screen. In more recent years I’ve also discovered many great game soundtracks. IMO, there’re many great composers who write for the genre. Hmmm, perhaps we need a ‘To what soundtrack are you currently listening?’ topic. :smiley:

Hey Mike, I definitely agree. There is so much great music that comes from movies and video games. :slight_smile: