PS Audio Playlist on Qobuz?

Was just skimming through the numerous playlists on Qobuz and came across one labeled “PS Audio Reference Playlist”. Is this really something PS Audio put together for Qobuz? If so, what’s the history and theory behind it? Just curious.

Mr. McGowan through this together, if I recall correctly.

Yes it is. Paul has mentioned the playlist on several posts and videos and the music on the list sounds great! Some true gems and lots of tunes that I experienced for the first time.

I felt entirely validated when I saw one or two selections that I had previously put in some of my own “ear candy” playlists. :wink:

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Not sure how up-to-date the playlist is, but it is a selection put together by Paul, Darren, and a few of us at the shop. A number of them are system show off tunes because we use the playlist a lot at shows. There are some good tracks that show off imaging, staging, vocals, and bass response. I genuinely used to like a lot of the tracks but I’ve heard them so many times that I cringe when I hear the intro to some of them.


That’s funny you mention that James! I play some of the same songs when I demo new upgrades and I can tell my friends have that look “oh not this song again!” Lol

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