Single subwoofer with a pair of BHK Monos?

This is probably a well discussed question but I can’t really find the answer.

I have a pair of BHK monos connected to a BHK pre. I have had them for years and they work well.

I have been thinking about connecting an old Sunfire MKII sub to see how it sounds (I currently don’t have a sub connected). See the pic of the rear of the sub.

I know that Paul suggests connecting the sub to the power amp via speaker wire - I have three questions:

  1. I believe that each amp has two sets of outputs - do I connect the sub to one of the left outputs?

  2. If so, what about the right? Won’t that be off balance?

  3. How do the amps know that the sub is connected and therefore only to send low freq to the sub?

I feel like I am missing something easy here - thanks.



You are first going to need to decide on what you want the sub to do. If you want to simply add bass without altering your main speakers, then I would simply use the secondary Pre outputs to the line level inputs on the sub. If you want to avoid sending low bass to your main speakers then you need to connect the Amps inputs to the Subs outputs. If you are using balanced in/outs then you will lose that so I would try this second since you have plenty of power. I don’t recommend using the speaker inputs with this sub in your situation as it connects the two amps’ negative outputs.