Connect 2 subwoofers

I currently am using a single subwoofer a Wharfedale SW150 it’s very musical has good timing dynamics etc and works well with my tube amp. I have had the fortune of getting hold of another pair for very cheap and wanted to go down the road of having stereo subs.

The question I have is related to wiring. Each sub has high level speaker output left and right channel.

Do I:

A) connect 1 subwoofer using only the right channel to right amp speaker terminals and the other left channel to left amp speaker terminals. On each subwoofer there will be a leftover left and right high level output

B) hook up both the left and right channels of each sub to each channel on the amp. All high level outputs on each sub occupied

Option A is easiest as if means I can just take one of the existing sets of cables from the single sub

But what is the right way?

You are going to need a complete second set of speaker cables preferably with the opposite connection of what you are using to your main speakers on the amp end. Then connect left channel positive and negative from the amp to the left sub and right channel positive and negative to the right sub. They can be cheap cables from BJC, Amazon or any other source for the subs. For ease if you are using spades on the amp end on the mains use bananas on the amp end for the subs. I have tried both cheap and expensive cables for sub connection and never heard a difference. But yes you only need both a singular positive and negative on each sub. Some sub amps have one set of terminals marked as the preferred “mono” connection but many don’t.

Singular positive and negative then thats fine. I’ll disconnect the right speaker level wire from my existing sub and connect it to the new sub that will be my right subwoofer

You should be good to go.

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What about the remaining speaker level terminals. If I connected up those what would be the outcome ?

Depending on the internal layout of the sub amp it might give you a slight increase in output or might do nothing. Not worth all the extra wire if it works with one set to each side. All of mine are hooked up with single pair to each sub.

Manual from Sub usually mentions this.
Here is one from Yamaha on HL connection.