"slightly" URGENT


USB from PWD II to Mac mini not seen, please help?


@pixelplay can you please be a bit more specific. What has changed in your system? What player are you using? Which piece of equipment is not showing the USB connection?


firmware 2.03 to a mac mini running 10.7.5. The Mac fails to see the PWD.

Updated PDW to 2.1 and it is seen. I am hoping that the latest 2.4.1 will do the trick as I prefer the 2.03 sound.


I believe there were some changes to the firmware going from 2.03 to 2.1 that influenced USB. All subsequent firmware s, including 2.41 should be fine.


@pixelplay: did you get the USB to work?


Mine does not work either. Strange, as it always has before.

Driver is visible on the Mac and PWD makes a click and a whistle when I select the USB input.

Dennis, perhaps this is another clue? to the tuning sounds? [whistles]


Gordon, what firmware are you currently running, 2.4.1?




I then select PC/MAC output as the USB

When I hit play it plays on JR or EMM and when I select the PWD?USB input I hear a click [responding] but no sound.

I don’t use USB much but this sudden loss of it baffles me.

In JR I cannot see the usb output as a zone


“Baby, I’m Amazed”.

Last night I decided to take my own medecine and turn EVERYTHING OFF and unplugged, also reset and restarted all including the espresso machine and the toaster.

I now have USB via JR and EMM.

I wish I could claim credit for the victory but I think it was more a “cosmic” energy intervention.

Now, if it would cure the pops and tuning sounds I would be in Audio Nirvana.

Thanks to elk for prompting me to try it again.


This is a relief. If USB disappeared this would be a major bug.