PWD II USB not recognised by Mac

I have connected my PWD II via USB to my iMac running Yosemite 10.10.3. System Preferences->Sound does not show the PWD in the list of audio outputs available. Also tried Audio Midi Setup and the PWD is also not showing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

With the USB cable connected and the computer on, reboot the DAC and see if it shows up in Audio Midi panel. If that does not work, try another USB cable, making sure it is less than a couple of meters long.


Thanks for the quick response. I have tried a couple of cables, both less than a couple of meters, and confirmed the cable is not the issue. Plugging the same USB cables into a Burson DAC/Amp sees the Burson appear on both System Prefs->Sound, and the Audio Midi Panel, and music plays fine. This morning when re-trying I think I noticed the USB input source on the PWD was showing a red circle on the source icon. No red or green icon visible now, just the usb symbol.

I had already tried a PWD reboot with USB connected. Tried again. No sign of the PWD in System Pref->Sound or Audio Midi Setup.

I should add that I think it is the first time I have plugged a USB into this version of the DAC. I don’t think I have used the USB input since upgrading to PWD II.

Then perhaps there is something wrong with it. You might want to contact our customer service department so we can have a look.


Reconnect the USB cable to the Mac and then to the DAC.

Check that the PSA option shows up in Audio Midi and then select it as the output device. [speaker icon only].

good luck


Thanks for the support. I spoke to Mike at Magenta Audio - he suggested I re-install the firmware. Did so and USB now working fine. May have been a bit of corrupted code just affecting the USB? Cheers and thanks guys.