Some questions from a new Directstream owner

Hello. I had a few questions about the directstream DAC. I am demoing the directstream to a Lumin T1. I am using a laptop and connecting it to the directstream using a USB cable. I use the dac as a preamp and using balanced interconnects it hooks into a set of levinson 536 monoblocks. I have revel salon 2 speakers. Both of the DACs sound amazing, with, in my opinion, the directstream sounding a little better than the Lumin. However, the Lumin is so much easier to use. It has an app that I can control it directly with an ipad after I plug an ethernet cable into the Lumin. I do not have the bridge for the directstream so my question is can I use my tidal account with the bridge? In other words, I would like to not have to plug my computer into the directstream using a usb cable and just hook the bridge into my home network. I see a lot of people using JRiver however do you not have to own the music to use that service? I realize these are very basic questions so please be easy on me!

Welcome, aalaimo!

I am not a Bridge user so it is best for me not to comment, but knowledgeable members will be along soon.laugh

I don’t know of a way to get Tidal without a computer to DS connection eg USB, but if/when RoonSpeakers is implemented in the Bridge there will be.

RS is also, according to Roon, improve sq ‘because the endpoint owns the master clock, taking advantage of the premium clocking in high-end end points’. I don’t know if true, but hope so because I love Roon. However you will still have to have a computer (for Roon) just no USB I believe.

This one is what the Silent Server could be:

Elac Discovery

  • Version with I2s = External Bridge

  • Version with RJ45 - Silent Server with Roon Server onboard

In the first instance Roon Speaker must be embedded in the server box. In the second instance Roon Speaker must be embedded in the inboard Bridge II.

With integrated Roon (and Tidal) the price is favorable.

We have a tutorial posted that allows Android users to play Tidal on Bridge II.

Thank you very much for the responses, gentlemen. I am going to purchase a bridge and see how it goes. I do appreciate the help.