Aurender S10 and DAC

I currently run Aurender S10 streamer (both Tidal and from my NAS) into a CH Precision C1 DAC. If I purchase a DirectStream DAC and Network Bridge II, does that mean I no longer need the Aurender to feed the DirectStream DAC? Also, is there an iPad or iPhone app that you use to control the DirectStream DAC when playing Tidal or from your NAS drive? Lastly, anyone have experience with the C1 DAC and how the DirectStream DAC would stack up against it? Thanks!

You will not need the aurender but you may want to continue to use it and here is why. The controller iPad software used with the aurender is better than the recommended free controller used with the bridge II called mcontrolHD. However if you are willing to invest in ROON then you can use ROON with the Bridge II and then you will be golden, as ROON is better than the Aurender controller in my opinion.

Thank you! Will I be able to play music from my NAS drive as well by using Bridge II and Roon (and without the Aurender)?

Yes. That is how I am using it. ROON using NAS with my music stored on it and Tidal for streaming and bridge II as my roon endpoint/output. I suggest you go to the Roon knowledge base and read up on what it takes to run Roon. I use the Roon iPad app as my controller and run the Roon core on my NAS and the bridge II is my Roon output device.

Thank you very much!