Sonics of the Bridge II connected to network via a wireless bridge?

Hi, I do not have an Ethernet port in my listening room, but I can transmit DSD64 and 24/192 PCM files wirelessly using the following configuration:

External HDD > USB > PC running MinimServer > cable Internet modem/router > WiFi > MacBook Pro running JRiver 20 as DLNA renderer > USB > DirectStream.

I am wondering if I would experience a meaningful sonic benefit by buying a Bridge II Network Audio Card and going from the above configuration to the following:

External HDD > USB > PC running MinimServer > cable Internet modem/router > WiFi > wireless bridge (poss. Squeezebox Classic or MBP) > Ethernet cable > DirectStream with Bridge II.

Put differently, are the sonic benefits of the Bridge II diminished in any way by connecting it to the network via a wireless bridge? Thanks!

I run wired myself but that should be fine provided you have a solid wireless network connection. It shouldn’t impact the sound quality.

I use an ASUS RT-AC68P wireless router and an ASUS RP-AC56 wireless bridge to get ethernet to my Bridge II / DS DAC. Works without issue for me. I have the same situation as you do, where I do not have a wired connection in my listening room, but if I drag a long Cat6 cable through the kitchen I can hook up direct to the router temporarily. I do not notice any sound differences between the long cable and the wireless extender. I tested the connection with test tones to make sure there are no hidden pops/clicks and all is stable.

I know that the wireless bridges are not recommended (for obvious reasons), but they can work. I had to futz with the antennae on both the router and the wireless bridge to get the green light (for best signal) to light on the wireless bridge, but it did not affect the sound or the stability - e.g. it was fine when the light was amber meaning a good connection.

I went through several routers before settling on the ASUS and it has been great, but I expect there are environmental interactions that vary from site to site. So be prepared to do some work to get a positive outcome…

I agree with Steve. Some people have reported issues with wireless streaming (in general, not always with the Bridge). But since you are already using wifi for DSD and 44/129 PCM successfully, it sounds like your network is fine.

I’m running my Bridge II through a wireless connection. I stream DSD and 24/192 without a bit of trouble or any hints of skipping. I did upgrade my wireless network substantially but even before that, the Bridge worked very well via an old d-Link wireless bridge and an ancient wireless router.

I also note no significant difference between wireless and a hardwired connection.

I run a dedicated 802.11ac wifi network to my Ethernet adapter - no issues on any formats.

Thanks to everyone who has checked in so far. Based on the feedback, I am going to order a Bridge II and give it a go. One of the reasons I am interested in the Bridge II is that I want to get my MacBook Pro and external HDD and their switching PSUs away from the sound system. But I would not be in the clear completely with the Bridge II, as I assume any wireless bridge I would use would have its own PSU (I could try my MBP on battery power as a wireless bridge; not sure how many hours I would get per charge, though). Anyone know of a good wireless bridge with a linear PSU? Thanks.