Connect my DS with Bridge II

Beyond playing CDs, complete digital music novice. My music room is out of range of my internet router. Got plug in mesh range extender, which only communicates via single ethernet socket. Have trial of Amazon HD on windows laptop and on android phone, but can’t connect either wirelessly to my wifi in music room because out of range. If could use laptop wirelessly, would ethernet cable from laptop to Bridge work? Would ethernet from extender to laptop and USB from laptop back to Bridge work? If either of these setups would work, would have the cords going across the floor of my music room. Not optimal, but could live with it if I had to. If not, is there some other hardware or software I need? Thank you for any suggestions.

If you connect the laptop to the DS via USB then the Bridge is out of the equation altogether and you are controlling your streaming with the laptop. Bridge doesn’t work with Amazon HD anyway so that is your only option.

Thank you. I have Amazon HD on trial basis. I can change to another service if I need to. Is there any advantage to using the Bridge over the USB? To use the Bridge, must the controlling device interface via ethernet, or is there some other way for it to interface?

I and others, I think it’s fair to say, consider I2S to be the best sounding input on the DS DAC with the USB being the worst without taking extra steps, as some have done, to reduce noise from the interface. The Bridge probably lies somewhere in between the two. I used to be a Bridge user but switched to I2S exclusively, using a combination protocol converter and reclocking device to sit between a USB source and the I2S input on the DS. For me, that’s the best option.

AFAIK, operation of the Bridge relies on either a Roon-based controller or a UPnP controller along with the respective servers being on the same or connected (ethernet) networks.

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Based on your setup, I think the way to go would be to just hook up your computer via USB. This of course makes the Bridge a redundant input you won’t be using. Something like a mesh network can work for folks, but with how many potential headaches and connectivity issues you can run into, I’d recommend just sticking with the computer and USB connection. Also, the Bridge is limited to a few different streaming services and playback software. Whereas you can play whatever you want with the computer via USB.

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Finally got working, with ethernet cable from mesh extender plugged into wall out to laptop, and (my printer) USB cable from laptop to DS. I would like to have something that wouldn’t require cables across the floor of my music room, but don’t see how. Also would like to be able to use a much shorter USB cable to avoid having to get up and walk across the room to change music and for cost reasons. You mentioned a combination protocol converter and reclocking device between USB source (currently my laptop in my case) and the DS. I don’t know enough about these to ask anything more than what exactly are you using? I appreciate your help.

If you want to stick with Amazon HD then your choices are either what you are doing now or to buy a streaming device from one of Amazon’s “partners” which consist of companies using BluOS or HeOS. If you are willing to switch to Tidal or Qobuz then you just need to move your mesh extender closer to where your DS is located and connect an ethernet cable between it and the Bridge II. That is your cheapest option.

My USB to I2S protocol converter of choice is a device called the X-SPDIF 2 manufactured by a company called Matrix Audio. I actually learnt about it from other forum members. There is in fact a topic “Matrix X-SPDIF 2” in these forum pages. Without going too exotic you can set up a basic configuration to run between your laptop and the DS DAC. It can be powered externally or just from your USB connection. Matrix Audio provide a software device driver for Windows. The driver allows you to play WAV, FLAC and DSF files, depending on the player app your using on your laptop.