Sonore Orbiter-A Game Changer

Today I downloaded an update for the Sonore Orbiter that allows a switching capability via a Gui, Squeezelite, Airplay, DLNA and MPD. I tried each of these for a short period of time with the exception of MPD for the Vortexbox. But I can tell you this “Just Works”. I can go from one output to another with no problems. Right now I’m using DLNA JRiver, and controlling it with JRemote. Okay now the good part. I’m playing DSOM Gapless, thats right gapless…SQ is outstanding…I will leave it there for now, but this is great stuff!!!

The DLNA gapless has a gap 4 to 5 sec in the beginning of an album. Then the album plays through with no gaps. The gap is quick. I played Mad Dogs and Englishmen, DSOM, and several pieces of live albums. This works great. No gaps between songs.

And here I thought the only purpose of gapless was to play DSOM.

Where might I find this update. Just was on the Sonore site (not the best looking one or functional, to be sure) and don’t see anything about an update. Thanks.

This is in beta and found info about these features on Computer Audiophile web site. Computer Audiophile plans on a review of the Orbiter with this feature set

Hi gocubs… I saw your posts… I’m planning on a getting the Orbiter also… I really want to just listen to music… I’ve loaded LMS onto my Mac and bought iPeng… I plan on replacing my WD NAS, with the Synology 213+ and loading LMS on it so I can avoid having the Mac on all the time… any other tips you can give me??

You will be very happy with this setup. Don’t forget a good USB cable. I’m in the market for one, need to find a reasonably price USB cable and have Santa deliver it.

The Cardas Clear has gotten very good press, and it’s reasonably priced.

The SQ with DLNA/JRiver is excellent via USB Sonore Orbiter. But the Squeezelite functionality is a huge plus, and I’m not in any way bashing SQ via Squeezelite. The Oribiter is just giving us options we never had via USB. You need to compare all of these options and take your time…thanks for the recommendation on the cable

Ordered mine today… YEA!!! FYI Sold my bridge for $400.00 YEA!!!

@erikm Cardas Clear Beyond USB arrived yesterday. This weekend I will swap out genetic.

birddogthecat said: This weekend I will swap out genetic.

That'll make Greenpeace happy.

Anxious to hear about this cable

I’d be curious to hear if anyone compared the Orbiter to the digital out of a Squeeze Box Touch (USB or SPDIF and with or without the enhanced digital app that allows greater than 96k sample rates).

David said: That'll make Greenpeace happy.


Stevem2 I replaced my Squeezebox Touch with the Orbiter and couldn’t be happier. SQ is better, via Squeezelite in comparison to the Touch. However, with the new capability for switching from Squeezelite to DLNA in the Orbiter, I believe SQ has improved over Squeezelite running Jriver.

Interesting. It’s good to have another option, although I’m hanging in there with the Bridge for now (with foobar2000 and its streaming plug-in I’m pretty happy as it is).

Yes, I can understand. The bridge can deliver great SQ and I really enjoyed my listening sessions with it. However, issues with the bridge brought up in different discussions, just grated on me over time. Paul has thrown out some hints something may be up with the bridge or the bridge and the PWD. So time will tell. I just hope the hint doesn’t turn into a perfect wave project with no end in site. Windows perfect wave is getting closer, I believe, but nothing for the Mac and I’m a Mac guy. Thats what really pushed me to the Orbiter. And I’m really really happy with my decision.

Sounds perfectly reasonable. I’m mostly a Mac guy myself (although I use PCs when they offer better software, such as dBpoweramp for ripping and now foobar2000 as a server to the Bridge) and Wavestream for Mac does seem to be a ways off (unless there have been breakthroughs we haven’t heard about).

@gocubs42 How did you choose between the Orbiter & the Rendu? What is the difference?